2010 Peru Flood Relief

Our Impact

Planeterra and G Adventures raised $13,725 in response to the devestating floods which swept through Peru in January 2010.  These funds were used to provide immediate relief through the delivery of 1500 kilos food and supplies including rice, pasta, sugar & cooking oil which we divided into sacks for 80 families, as well as fuel for the machines to fix the roads leading into the district. $10,000 went toward the rebuilding of the Ccaccaccollo community's community centre and location for our women's weaving project that was washed away with the river (including their looms and other equipment).

More Information
Only about half way through the rainy season, a 72 hour period of torrential rains caused entire communities to be evacuated due to massive flooding, washed out roads, collapsed houses and bridges, fields of crops were destroyed and all access to Machu Picchu was cut off causing 2000 tourists to be evacuated by helicopter over the course of several days. With over 12, 000 badly affected, the government did its best to send supplies to the areas that were hit the worst.