50 in 5 Campaign

50 projects, 5 years. You can make it happen.

Join us in supporting women, youth, and indigenous people in underserved communities around the globe.

Planeterra is part of a global movement to make tourism sustainable, to minimize impacts on the environment, respect local people and cultures, and offer economic benefits to local businesses and communities. Planeterra supports social enterprise development to connect underserved communities to the tourism value chain

Over the next five years, G Adventures and Planeterra will invest millions of dollars into social enterprise projects all over the world. Planeterra currently works with communities in over 15 countries, and will see an increase to 35 countries by 2020. Those are a lot of lives changed.

New projects are being identified all the time by the Planeterra team. Over the next five years we will be working with underserved communities in: Turkey, Jordan, South Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Japan, New Zealand, United States, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Belize, Cuba, and Brazil, among many others.

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