Adrienne Lee

Program and Communications Manager – Asia & Africa

Adrienne Lee's work with Planeterra involves managing Planeterra's Asia and Africa programs and assisting with implementing communication and fundraising strategies internally and through external marketing efforts.  Adrienne works with the Asia  and Africa project coordinators and Planeterra Ambassadors to identify local, community-based development partners in areas where Planeterra's industry partners serve.  After 5 years of overseeing a Canadian-based, grassroots NGO, she loves cultivating community initiatives that are implemented from the ground up.

Adrienne comes to Planeterra straight from San Francisco, where she was working for a non-profit strengthening labour rights and corporate social responsibility practices for large corporations.  She has experience in international development, and has travelled, worked and volunteered throughout Asia.  Adrienne holds a Master's in Environmental Applied Science and Management with a focus on environmental sustainability and remediation in marginalized communities in Southeast Asia.  Adrienne is a firm believer in learning through experience, travel, and those that inspire around you.