Africa & Middle East Projects

Africa and the Middle East are known for diverse landscapes, majestic wildlife, and rich cultural history. Thousands of travellers are drawn in by the plains of the Serengeti, the sandy peaks of the Sahara, the ancient pyramids, and the rugged coastline of the Cape of Good Hope, just to name a few of the region's many highlights. Other visitors come in search of roaming game and the famous ‘Big 5’: elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros.

Africa is known as much for its striking landscapes, as for the cultural history and the people that reside there. The continent has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations, and today its people face a new set of challenges. Millions have been affected by diseases like malaria and HIV/AIDS, which has left many children orphaned and in the care of other family members. This crisis has been compounded by a mismanagement and depletion of natural resources in some areas, as well as political instability in others.

In spite of these difficulties, these regions have shown to be places of great resilience.  Local communities have been organizing to gain control of their natural resources, and strengthen their education systems. They are also exploring alternate means to attain economic stability and better opportunities for their children. Planeterra has partnered with these communities to support their efforts.

Africa & Middle East Projects
Hope Africa Children's Day School

Hope Africa Children's Day School ›

Shalati Village, Mnisi, South Africa

The Hope Africa Children's Day School aims to provide children under 5 with an education while their parents, many who are rangers and lodge staff around Kruger National Park, work... Read More ›

Egypt Women’s Sewing Cooperative

Egypt Women’s Sewing Cooperative ›

Beshlaw Village, Egypt

Planeterra is supporting a women’s sewing cooperative that will bring self-sufficiency and allow village women to work in their homes while caring for their children.  Read More ›

Luxor Community Education Center

Luxor Community Education Center ›

El Tod, Egypt

Planeterra is supporting long-lasting sustainable, community education on the periphery of one of Egypt’s top tourism destinations. Your donation will support the establishment of a new community library and youth programs... Read More ›

Maasai Clean Cookstoves

Maasai Clean Cookstoves ›

Monduli, Tanzania

The Maasai Clean Cookstoves Project designs and installs clean and efficient wood-burning stoves in people's homes across the Serengeti, lowering the health implications caused by indoor air pollution. Women are... Read More ›

It Starts with Sheep

It Starts with Sheep ›

Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

In many countries across Sub-Sahara Africa, years of over-farming and deforestation have depleted nutrients from the soil.  This has led to decreasing crop yields and harvests, making food-security a major... Read More ›

Moshi Mobile Mamas

Moshi Mobile Mamas ›

Moshi, Tanzania

Tanzania is a patriarchal society where only 5% of girls finish secondary school. Planeterra and G Adventures are working with our grassroots partner to open a cooperative where women can... Read More ›