Asia & Oceania Projects

Asia, the world’s most populous continent, is made up of nearly 50 different countries and a landscape that is as diverse as its people. From the mountains of the Himalayas, to the jungles of Borneo and the beaches of Indonesia, Asia has been luring travellers for centuries. It is well known for its ancient temples and the rise and fall of many kingdoms throughout its long history.

Modern Asia is made up of contrasts, with bustling, crowded cities and remote, pastoral countryside speckled with small villages. People in both urban and rural areas face environmental and social challenges. Due to its ever-increasing population, many of Asia’s natural resources are under great strain. There are economic disparities and unequal access to basic health care and education for the people of many of its nations.

In response to these issues, Planeterra is working with local, grassroots organizations to help strengthen social enterprise opportunities and promote gender equality and women empowerment through the development of community-based tourism initiatives that will benefit communities throughout Asia.

Asia & Oceania Projects
New Delhi Youth Tours

New Delhi Youth Tours ›

New Delhi, India

India has one of the highest volume of streetchildren in the world. Planeterra and G Adventures have incubated a revenue generating program with an outreach program supporting youth to get... Read More ›

Lifestart Lantern Tour

Lifestart Lantern Tour ›

Hoi An, Vietnam

Planeterra plans to support long-lasting sustainable, community rehabilitation and vocational training by including the Lifestart Lantern program into G Adventures' itineraries. The cost of the tour helps Lifestart offset some... Read More ›

Cafe Chloe

Cafe Chloe  ›

Tully, Australia

Planeterra and G Adventures are working with our on the ground partners Ingan Tours to build and restore the Tully Railway Station into a training cafe for aboriginal youth. Read More ›

Northern Hilltribe Community Trek

Northern Hilltribe Community Trek ›

Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Planeterra and G Adventures are working with our on the ground partners to provide capacity training to a Red Lahu and Karen community in Northern Thailand. By providing these resources... Read More ›

Nepal Earthquake Relief

Nepal Earthquake Relief ›

Kathmandu, Nepal

In April 2015, a devastating earthquake hit the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. G Adventures and Planeterra raised over $214,000 in relief aid, and continue to be part of the ongoing... Read More ›

Women on Wheels

Women on Wheels ›

New Delhi, India

Help invest in women empowerment and self-sufficiency in India. Working to support technical training for women to become commercialized chauffeurs for other single women, Planeterra is supporting the purchase of... Read More ›

Sisterhood of Survivors

Sisterhood of Survivors ›

Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal is an epicentre for human trafficking with as many as 7000 women and girls trafficked out of Nepal into India each year, and around 200,000 currently in forced working... Read More ›

Oodles of Noodles Tour

Oodles of Noodles Tour ›

Hoi An, Vietnam

Working with our ground-partners to provide training for street youth from across Vietnam, you are helping to empower youth to receive culinary training and job placements in the hospitality and... Read More ›

New Hope Cambodia Vocational Training Restaurant

New Hope Cambodia Vocational Training Restaurant ›

Siem Reap, Cambodia

New Hope is a community outreach centre that provides free vocational training to young adults in order to prepare them for careers in the tourism industry. Read More ›

Philippines Community Homestay

Philippines Community Homestay ›

Bohol, Philippines

Working with our ground-partners to create a community centre for a community homestay rebuilding from past natural disaster. Read More ›