Cafe Chloe

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Critical Need

The Jirrbal people are descendants of a true rainforest Aboriginal culture, occupying land between Cooktown and Cardwell in North-eastern Queensland. They have a hunter and gathering culture with many trade routes established through the forest that are still present today, and being preserved by descendants. Recently the land of the railway station in Tully was given back to the Jirrbal people. 

Your Impact

With the help of Planeterra, the railway station will be repurposed into a vocational training cafe, offering lunches and training workshops in weaving and Aboriginal arts to G travellers. By supporting the development of the café, we can provide at-risk Aboriginal youth with an opportunity to learn skills while also learning and preserving their own culture. Without jobs like the ones being offered by tourism, many youth leave the region in search of job opportunities, and the traditions and stories are lost. The small museum located in the restaurant will help preserve and display cultural artifacts that have been passed on for generations, and will now be kept safe and shared by the public.

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