Cuzco At-Risk Youth Centre

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STA Travel funded a new art workshop at the Cuzco Kids's drop-in centre! Our goal was $32,000, and they reached it in just a few short months!  See photos in the slide show of the new building!
Critical Need

Amidst the mountainous surroundings, stunning architecture and rich culture of Cuzco, the bitter reality for many children is either working or begging on the streets. Many of these children are unable to cope with the stress of both working and going to school, which results in giving up their studies in provide for their families. 

Other children leave home because they have been abused, neglected or abandoned, turning to alcohol, drugs and sniffing glue to help relieve their hunger pains. In order to support themselves, some children resort to prostitution. By providing these children with a place where they receive guidance and support, it helps keep them off the streets and gives them the hope, confidence and skills needed to create a future for themselves.

Your Impact

Your donation will support and develop programs at the centre that our travelers' donations purchased in 2009.  This includes  funding their education, health and meal programs as well as daily operations. 

More information

In Cuzco, Planeterra has partnered with a local organization called Inti Runakunaq Wasin (IRW), Quechua for “House of the People of the Sun.” which acts as a haven for 80 children and adolescents who live in extreme poverty. The home is open during the day, and is run by a staff of teachers and social workers. Children are given the opportunity to drop-in to receive help with homework, a warm meal, and participate in classes and workshops that teach them valuable skills, including jewelry making, leather working, sewing, cooking, music and English.

With donations from many travelers and partners like G Adventures and STA Travel, Planeterra raised $150,000 in 5 years to reach the initial goal of purchasing a home to provide IRW with long-term security and support.  Now we are raising money to help support their ongoing programs - Join STA Travel in raising money to build a new art workshop at the house!

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