Frequently Asked Questions

How are the donations to each project distributed?

We work directly with local project managers, registered local non profit organizations, and community leaders to identify their individual needs.  Funding is then delivered on a case by case basis to meet budgeted project goals and milestones throughout the year. 

How does project selection work?

There a number of ways that we choose to work with the projects we support. Some are a result of long-standing relationships with communities that work in partnership with G Adventures to provide community-based tourism programs. Projects have also been identified by in-country staff as being valuable programs in destinations our travel partners serve. We have a set of project criteria that we pass each potential project through in order to determine its suitability and feasibility to become a Planeterra Project.

Planeterra identifies project locations by working with G Adventures’ product and operations team to determine the optimum place along travel itineraries where projects could receive an ideal amount of visitors. Then, within those locations, communities in need are identified in order to ensure projects are benefitting people who have often lacked opportunity.

Funds are used to develop projects through training programs, infrastructure, materials, and equipment needed to ensure projects become viable small businesses. In turn, these small enterprises invest their profits into improvements to the business to generate more employment for their communities, as well as into social and environmental programs. Development goals most common for the communities Planeterra works with are education, training, employment, health care, conservation and reducing negative environmental impacts.

Are there reporting guidelines for each project?

Within 4 months of receiving support from Planeterra, each project is required to provide Planeterra with receipts and any other available proof for the use of all funds and materials; a report with specific information about the use and impact of Planeterra’s support, as well as the progress of the project in general; photographs with information about what each photo shows; and testimonials from 2 to 5 people who have benefited from Planeterra support.

How is the Planeterra Foundation funded?

  • G Adventures – funds all Planeterra’s operational costs, allowing for the greatest possible impact of travellers’ donations.
  • Individual Donations are processed in Canadian dollars via our secure website.
  • Dollar-A-Day Program – provides travellers with the opportunity to donate one dollar per day for the duration of their G Adventures tour to Planeterra before travelling either by clicking the check box online, or by advising their travel agent at the time of booking a trip.
  • Fundraising Events – are organized around the world by us and third party event organizers.
  • Corporate Partnerships – is an avenue that helps us support a broader range of projects through developing partnerships with like-minded companies that are committed to corporate social responsibility.

Can I get a tax receipt on my donation?

Planeterra Foundation is registered in Canada as a Not-for-Profit organization and therefore does not issue tax receipts like Canadian Charities. We are able to donate 100% of all received funds directly to projects due to our relationship with G Adventures, and therefore offer this benefit to donors - no administration % is taken out of total donations to run the organization. 

If I have a great fundraising idea, can I organize my own event?

Absolutely! If you are interested in organizing a fundraising event to help support our programs please let us know and we will provide you with as much information and support as possible for the project you wish to fundraise for. Past supporters have helped by organizing mountain climbs, hikes, salsa nights and cross-country bike rides for Planeterra. Whatever your idea let us know and we’ll do all we can to help.  See How to Give for more info.