Hope Africa Children's Day School

Location: Shalati Village, Mnisi, South Africa | All Past Projects ›
Critical Need

Hope Africa Children's Day School is located in Shalati Village in the Mnisi community, near Kruger National Park and the Manyeleti Game Reserve. Over 80 children, under the age of 5, attend the pre-school. The school has one teacher and two teacher assistants that organize activities for the children, as well as provide them with two meals each day.  The school was in critical need of new washroom facilities, as there were only two toilets for all staff and students.  Planeterra and G Adventures raised funds to build 3 new washrooms as well as a kitchen to provide a lunch program each day.  

Your Impact

Donations have supported the construction of a new washroom facilities that accommodates up to 100 students.  A new commercial kitchen has also been built as an extension of the school building where meals are prepared indoors.  

Donations that are currently being raised will be used to start two community development projects.  A community garden will be built on the school land and produce will be used for the mid-day snack.  Extras will be sold to nearby lodges as a source of income for the school.  The second will be to open a craft workshop down the street from the school.  Mothers of the children will have a chance to work nearby, and also make additional income for their families.  

More Information

In the Shalati community, there are many single parent families and a vast number of orphaned children, often cared for by their grandparents. This is due in part to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Many children do not begin school until the age of 8, and receive no formal education and limited support during their early formative years. The Hope Africa Children's Day School aims to provide children with the opportunity to begin their education earlier and become involved in organized activities.

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