Kenya Water Project

Our Impact

Planeterra has provided 14 water tanks throughout Kowour Village in an effort to provide families with access to safe, clean drinking water. Each tank can hold up to 2,500L of rainwater. 

Prior to the installation of the tanks, most women had to walk several hours each day to pump water or collect it from nearby groundwater sources which are often murky and contaminated. With the accessability of the tanks throughout the community, the time and energy that women and girls once spent on hauling water for survival can now be invested in education, increased agricultural production and other economic activities.

More Information

Kowour Village is a rural, traditional agriculture-based settlement located in the hills around Kendu Bay, about 4km from Lake Victoria. Through the development of a community-based tourism program in the village, travellers now have the opportunity to participate in a family home stay with the Luo tribe, the second largest ethnicity in Kenya. This cross-cultural experience enables travellers to take part in the daily lives of the villagers and gain a deeper understanding of life in rural Kenya. By generating economic benefits for over 20 families, the program creates another way for community members to provide for their families and encourages the villagers to be proud of their cultural heritage.