Morocco Women's Lunch

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Critical Need

There has been much progress and strides taken to support women’s participation in decision making, access to education, and the realization of women’s rights in Morocco.  However, women, especially rural women and girls, still face the challenges of higher school drop out rates, high maternal mortality due to a lack of access to heath care providers, domestic violence, and discrimination in society.  Organizations that are promoting women’s rights, gender equality, and an access into the formal economy are the way forward.    

Your Impact

Planeterra and G Adventures have invested in AFER’s first hospitality program to help supplement the income of AFER (Association Des Femmes et Enfants Ruraux) and develop the skills of rural women in Morocco.  Planeterra is working with AFER to develop a hospitality training program, and provide funds to renovate AFER’s kitchen and dining area, provide kitchen equipment and resources, as well as to outfit the administrative space with air conditioners and fans.  G Adventures travellers will be welcomed with a delicious and traditional market to table Moroccan lunch, and learn from the AFER women a basic lesson in Arabic.  The funds from this lunch program help support the long-term job development of women in rural Morocco, with additional funds supporting AFER’s greater health and education programs that support a network of 700 women and children.  

More Information

AFER - Association Des Femmes et Enfants Ruraux started in 2012 and acts as a means for women and children in rural Morocco to receive access to health and educational resources.  AFER currently supports over 700 rural women and children in the MaHoya district of Morocco.  The organizations primary goals are to promote gender equality by supporting both women and children through education, advocacy, awareness raising programs, and economic development opportunities.  

Why this project needs you: With help from G Adventures, Planeterra can continue to support the programs run by the women at AFER. Please help support this project by donating to our PLANET Her Campaign.