Multilateral Investment Fund Projects

Tour Operator's Plan for Sustainable Tourism Development 2012-2015:

A Collaboration between Planeterra Foundation, G Adventures and the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank 

Innovative Approach to Development through Tourism

MIF LogoThe innovative approach proposed is to combine efforts of a non-profit specialist organization in sustainable tourism, Planeterra, with its primary benefactor and funder, G Adventures, to develop and finance an array of new community-based tourism (CBT) projects and services which will receive automatic market access. Project locations include Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru. Within each country we are focusing on a hub location where G Adventures has the ability to direct a high flow of travellers through their small group adventure tours.  Within each hub location we are working to develop CBT products and services as well as related small businesses that can supply the travel industry in the region.  The initiative also includes social and environmental grants, promoting sustainable solutions for each destination. No such project has ever been taken on with the combined forces of an NGO with a major market player on this scale. 

Each community tourism project developed is now fully open and operating, and part of G Adventures itineraries. A list of the projects can be found below, with links to their details and photos.

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