New Hope Cambodia Vocational Training Restaurant

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Critical Need

Many young people in communities surrounding Siem Reap do not have access to public schooling because their families are unable to purchase uniforms, books and other necessary materials.  Access to education was virtually eliminated during the Cambodian Genocide in 1975 and has since been slowly rebuilding.  Siem Reap has also undergone a boom in the tourism industry; income that has yet to reach the surrounding underserviced communities and local people due to lack of affordable certifications and training available.  Because of this, there is a cycle of poverty in the region that has been difficult to break.  Informal brothels are on the rise as people become more desperate to make a living.  

New Hope provides free education and training in relevant subjects to adults, and also supports a free primary school for over 1000 students.  There is an onsite medical centre for the community to access health resources, and the centre provides opportunities to train students (many who are early single mothers) for careers in the tourism industry.

Your Impact

Your donation will help expand the New Hope training restaurant and hospitality department, as well as provide scholarships and important supplies for the new trainees.  Your donation will also provide training salaries and tuition for more people to access these opportunities.  

More Information

New Hope Cambodia Outreach Centre is a community centre in Siem Reap that provides free education, training and counselling to young people in the surrounding area.  In addition to traditional subjects like English, Math, Health & Hygiene and Physical Education, New Hope Cambodia Outreach Centre incorporates vocational training in food preparation, cooking, accounting, restaurant management, hospitality, tour guiding, computer science, sewing, massage, and beauty therapy into their curriculum.  The Outreach Centre provides access to social workers, counsellors, and family advisors to the community, and has drastically reduced the rate of domestic violence in the community since the program's inception.  

Planeterra has built the New Hope Vocational Training Restaurant, which trains marginalized people in the community hospitality skills to help them obtain new dignified job opportunities.  G Adventures travellers visit the restaurant and all proceeds go back to support the free school and health care system that New Hope manages, and subsidizes the outreach workers' salaries, and provides income to both the onsite school and medical centre.  Since the programs inception, they have seen a rapid decrease in informal brothels in the region.