Nicaragua Water Project

Critical Need

Ometepe Island is situated on Lake Nicaragua (Colciboca).  It would appear that anyone living on this lake would have access to drinking water and would have running water in their homes because of the proximity of the lake. This is not the case. As in so many places we work, we see the indigenous people of a country left out of many things, including public services and the formal economy. In the village of Los Ramos, over 900 villagers live without running water, using a system of horse and jerry can to collect water each day, that each family has to pay for with the little funds they have available. A solution is available: A water pump, storage and distribution system. 

Your Impact

We completed Phase 1 of the project with your help. 

Donations for this project went toward the complete repair and reinstallation system of an electrical pump system, water tanks storage system, and pipeline distribution system to all homes in the village, supplying 700 people with water in their homes for the first time - at a cost of just over $10,000.  Phase 2 is being evaluated at this time for feasibility to expand the program to reache the remaining 200 villagers. 

More Information 

In 2012 we began working on Ometepe island with G Adventures to bring more local economic benefits from tourism to the island's people. G Adventures brings two groups per week for two nights to stay in home stay accommodations in another village nearby to this project.  We felt that we wanted to help the village of Los Ramos access this basic necessity - water - so that they too might be able to improve their ability to develop their community and participate more formally in the tourism industry on the island.  A very dynamic young community group has been organized around a dance theatre program and has travelled all over the country to raise money for this water project, making little progress. We believe our funding can help this village invest their income in their small businesses, including their dance and theatre program.