Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Our Impact

Over 2009-2010 Planeterra and travellers who visited the sea turtle project in Playa Matapalo, Costa Rica, contributed $12,000 toward the work at the Matapalo research station in their mission protect these sea turtles from global extinction.

All sea turtle species currently face a high risk of global extinction, and scientists believe that leatherbacks could be facing extinction within the next ten years. Throughout Central America, people have made a living off the turtles by collecting their eggs for human consumption, selling the meat and using the turtle shells to make jewelry and other arts and crafts. Nesting habitats are being destroyed by coastal development and commercial fisheries use nets that trap the turtles. The turtles are also negatively affected by the pollution in the oceans.

More Information

Planeterra is proud to support this Costa Rican sea turtle conservation project, a science-based initiative to protect the endangered species: Olive Ridley, Green and Hawksbill.  The project is designed to protect female sea turtles, the nests, and the hatchlings born along the Matapalo Beach from poachers and predators.

By incubating the eggs in a protected turtle hatchery, the program can ensure that greater populations of hatchlings will reach the ocean safely.  Local staff and volunteers collect information about nesting activities and birthrates, and then share this data with the community and regional authorities to support Central America’s conservation efforts.