Bolivia Health Program

Our Impact

This project was in partnership with an institutional donor who matched donations 9:1. Planeterra donors helped us contribute $600 toward the project. The overall initiative, once completed, will directly benefit 46,431 children between the age of 0-5 years and 59,478 children between the ages of 15- 24 years. The project prioritizes rural populations in remote areas in order to include the most vulnerable groups with an emphasis on pregnant women and lactating mothers.

More Information

Health and sanitation problems most evident in rural areas of Bolivia are caused by lack of food security; lack of access to information, health services, education, water and basic sanitation; and exclusion from local administration and decision-making processes related to health and wellbeing.

Although Bolivia has made significant progress in improving the capacity of health care facilities, the country still has one of the highest children’s mortality rates in the Americas.  Chronic malnutrition and anemia in children under three years of age still persists, and Bolivia’s childhood mortality rates are 11 times higher than those of Canada.  Less than 65 per cent of all Bolivian births are attended by any type of health worker.