Brazil Community Reforestation Programs

Our Impact

From 2009-2012 Planeterra contributed $31,000 toward local communities in Southern Brazil to reforest their lands. This program, which has resulted in 450,000 trees planted since 2009, provides the communities and local farmers of Guaranta, Promissão, Arco Iris, and Marília with access to training workshops and seedlings, so that they can increase food production, create natural barriers on their lands, and provide shade and fodder for livestock and other animals. Agroforestry students from the University of Londrina are working with settlement populations to help provide training to new residents of the area, who were once landless. Training manuals and videos have been developed and are being distributed to different community groups. This program will provide not only environmental benefits but will engage community groups in determining their own land-use practices in a move toward greater self-sufficiency. Planeterra is working with Trees for the Future (TFTF), a Washington DC-based organization's Brazil branch that has been committed to reforesting areas and planting indigenous species since 1989. We chose to partner with Trees For The Future for their expertise in developing reforestation programs with the involvement and direction of local people and communities.

More Information

Some of the greatest losses of the world's tropical forest have taken place in Brazil. This vast nation has lost hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of Amazonian forests, an area larger than many countries. Deforestation in Brazil is largely due to clearing land for cattle ranching, commercial agriculture and logging.  While this news is grim, there are positive steps that can be taken to combat this cycle of forest loss including reforestation, expanding protected areas and developing methods of sustainable forestry that can be employed by local people who will benefit economically while maintaining the natural ecosystems.