Philippines Community Homestay

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Critical Need:

Maribojoc is a seaside community on the island of Bohol.  Most of the population rely on fishing and agriculture as their primary source of income.  In 2013, Bohol was hit with a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, which affected 50 families on this part of the island.  On top of that, these communities also were affected by Typhoon Haiyan.  Working as a community, 22 of these homes have been rebuilt by our ground partners and other NGOs working in the area.   

The vision of the Maribojoc Community Homestay is to create a community-wide income stream through community tourism by developing community owned and operated small businesses such as a handicrafts cooperative, a farm to table restaurant, and local tour leading and guideing.  As a first step to this initative, the community lack a central space for everyone to come together, share, ideas and learn from each other and trainers from our ground partners.  We are raising funds for this space.  

Your Impact:

G Adventures and Planeterra will work with Gawad Kalinga to help rebuild this community affected by the earthquake and typhoon.  Working with the local leadership, we will develop a community centre where the community tourism association can meet each week and will be available as a public space for all members of the community to receive training.  The structure will be based off of local architecture, and will employ members of the community to build.  

The community has developed their first tourism social enterprise through a community owned and operated homestay program out of the 18 reconstructed homes.  G Adventures travellers will stay in these homestay for two nights, bringing the first groups of travellers as customers to this community.  

More Information:

Gawad Kalinga is the largest non-profit organization in the Philippines.  There mission is to bring 5 million families of out poverty by 2024.  Working with over 2000 communities across the Philippines, GK restores dignity, builds empowerment, and creates self-sufficiency.  

To visit this initiative on your next G Adventures trip, learn more here.