Our Projects

Planeterra's range of projects throughout the world encompasses health programs, micro-enterprise development, social programs, education initiatives, environmental conservation, and community infrastructure improvements.  All projects have the central goal of achieving sustainable solutions to local development issues.

STA Travel Kikuyu Pediatric Ward

STA Travel Kikuyu Pediatric Ward ›

Kikuyu, Kenya

STA Travel and Planeterra are raising funds to build a Pediatric Ward at the Kikuyu Hospital in Kenya. This new facility will accommodate 25 patients and will be designed to... Read More ›

Hope Africa Children's Day School

Hope Africa Children's Day School ›

Shalati Village, Mnisi, South Africa

The Hope Africa Children's Day School aims to provide children, many of whom are orphaned or unable to afford tuition, with the opportunity to begin their education, and become involved... Read More ›

Kenya Drought Survival Program

Kenya Drought Survival Program ›

Northern Kenya

This project provides microgrants to support small enterprises led by women in the drought stricken region of Northern Kenya. Read More ›

Egypt Women’s Sewing Cooperative

Egypt Women’s Sewing Cooperative ›

Beshlaw Village, Egypt

Planeterra is supporting a women’s sewing cooperative that will bring self-sufficiency and allow village women to work in their homes while caring for their children.  Read More ›

Luxor Community Education Center

Luxor Community Education Center ›

El Tod, Egypt

Planeterra is supporting long-lasting sustainable, community education on the periphery of one of Egypt’s top tourism destinations. Your donation will support the establishment of a new community library and youth programs... Read More ›

Sierra Leone Baby Pack Program

Sierra Leone Baby Pack Program ›

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Planeterra is supporting a maternal health in Sierra Leone.  Read More ›

Maasai Clean Cookstoves

Maasai Clean Cookstoves ›

Monduli, Tanzania

The Maasai Clean Cookstoves Project designs and installs clean and efficient wood-burning stoves in people's homes across the Serengeti, lowering the health implications caused by indoor air pollution. Women are... Read More ›

It Starts with Sheep

It Starts with Sheep ›

Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

In many countries across Sub-Sahara Africa, years of over-farming and deforestation have depleted nutrients from the soil.  This has led to decreasing crop yields and harvests, making food-security a major... Read More ›

Tanzania Women's Cooperative

Tanzania Women's Cooperative ›

Moshi, Tanzania

Tanzania is a patriarchal society where only 5% of girls finish secondary school. Planeterra and G Adventures are working with our grassroots partner to open a cooperative where women can... Read More ›

Save the Albatross

Save the Albatross ›

South Georgia, Antarctica

Due to unsustainable fishing practices, thousands of these magnificent birds die each year. The number of albatross at South Georgia has decreased at an alarming rate of 30% in the... Read More ›

Habitat Preservation in Antarctica

Habitat Preservation in Antarctica ›

South Georgia, Antarctica

South Georgia is one of the most important seabird sanctuaries in the world, and many species are now threatened by the presence of invasive Norway or Brown rats. This program... Read More ›

Arviat Youth Training Programs

Arviat Youth Training Programs ›

Arviat, Canada

Up until the 1920’s there was no sustained southern presence in this region. The community of Arviat was not truly settled until the 1950’s when a starvation situation was unfolding... Read More ›

G Adventures 20/20 Vision Project

G Adventures 20/20 Vision Project ›

Banteay Meanchey, Cambodia

Cataracts account for 74% of Banteay Meanchey's preventable blindness and current estimates suggest that backlog of cataract cases in Cambodia exceeds 80,000 people with a further 19,000 developing cataracts each... Read More ›

New Delhi Streetkids Project

New Delhi Streetkids Project ›

New Delhi, India

Give a child who once lived and worked on the streets of Delhi the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. Your support will provide scholarships with vocational training in... Read More ›

New Hope Cambodia Vocational Training Restaurant

New Hope Cambodia Vocational Training Restaurant ›

Siem Reap, Cambodia

New Hope is a community outreach centre that provides free vocational training to young adults in order to prepare them for careers in the tourism industry. Read More ›

Mulberry Learning Centre

Mulberry Learning Centre ›

Kuraburi, Thailand

The Mulberry Learning Centre provides access to education for over 90 Burmese migrant children, ages 2-12. Read More ›

Bal Prakash Learning Center

Bal Prakash Learning Center ›

Ajmer, India

Bal Prakash is a program that helps at-risk children in the midst of the Thar Desert (Ajmer, India) regain their skills in community agricultural practices and food security. This centre... Read More ›

Sisterhood of Survivors

Sisterhood of Survivors ›

Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal is an epicentre for human trafficking with as many as 7000 women and girls trafficked out of Nepal into India each year, and around 200,000 currently in forced working... Read More ›

Women on Wheels

Women on Wheels ›

New Delhi, India

Help invest in women empowerment and self-sufficiency in India. Working to support technical training for women to become commercialized chauffeurs for other single women, Planeterra is supporting the purchase of... Read More ›

Save Lake Atitlán Project

Save Lake Atitlán Project ›

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

We are working in Lake Atitlán with a small environmental NGO, Ati't Ala', to create a sustainable agriculture program focused on community gardens and greenhouses to improve food security in... Read More ›

Nicaragua Water Project

Nicaragua Water Project ›

Ometepe, Nicaragua

Planeterra is working with a village on Ometepe Island of indigenous Nicaraguans who currently have no running water in their homes. They have to collect water from the lake using... Read More ›

Mayan Community Homestay Project (MIF)

Mayan Community Homestay Project (MIF) ›

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

We are working in Lake Atitlan with a small community tourism association on their homestay program. Tourism brings visitors to the community's art and handicraft workshops, medicinal herb gardens, to... Read More ›

Nicaragua Community Home Stay Project (MIF)

Nicaragua Community Home Stay Project (MIF) ›

Ometepe, Nicaragua

Planeterra is working with the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank on a suite of projects in four countries including Nicaragua. On Ometepe Island we are working... Read More ›

Costa Rica Cooperative Coffee Tour (MIF)

Costa Rica Cooperative Coffee Tour (MIF) ›

Sarapiqui, Costa Rica

Planeterra is working with the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank on a suite of projects in four countries including Costa Rica. In San Miguel de Sarapiqui... Read More ›

Brazil Favela Project

Brazil Favela Project ›

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Located in the midst of the world’s biggest shantytown, on the high slopes surrounding Rio de Janeiro is a community-run centre where over 100 children are provided with educational activities,... Read More ›

Cuzco Kids Project

Cuzco Kids Project  ›

Cuzco, Peru

Once considered the heart of the Inca Empire, Cuzco is now a tourism Mecca where you will see children either working or begging on the streets. We purchased a permanent... Read More ›

Peru Women's Weaving Co-op

Peru Women's Weaving Co-op  ›

Sacred Valley, Peru

Despite close vicinity to Cuzco and Machu Picchu, very few communities from the surrounding countryside benefit from tourism. Your support will help improve lives in this community of women weavers... Read More ›

Inca Trail Biodegradable Products

Inca Trail Biodegradable Products ›

Cuzco, Peru

The thousands of visitors who trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu each year leave more than just their footprints behind. Tourist-trade pollution is a serious threat to this delicate... Read More ›

Galapagos Oil Spill Prevention

Galapagos Oil Spill Prevention ›

Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos

We support a boat maintenance program to prevent oil spills that accumulate oil in the waters over time, gravely endangering the fragile ecosystem that is the Galapagos islands. Read More ›

Buenos Aires Community Action Centre

Buenos Aires Community Action Centre ›

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Located in the midst of one of Buenos Aires' most famous tourist areas is La Boca, a neighborhood that suffers from poverty and injustices that require intervention from a community... Read More ›