Sisterhood of Survivors

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Critical Need

Nepal is an epicentre for human trafficking with as many as 7000 women and girls trafficked out of Nepal into India each year, and around 200,000 currently in forced working conditions in Indian brothels.  The Government of Nepal has made limited efforts to protect trafficking victims and cases of reported and identified abuses are rarely filed and brought to prosecution.  It is often the victims of trafficking that are wrongfully arrested, fined, and then bailed out by their traffickers, only further exploiting women and girls further into forced labour and abuse.  Planeterra is working with a grassroots organization that trains survivors of human-trafficking to become certified paralegals.  Our partners find job placements for these new graduates in local police stations where they become the first point of contact for a girl that is coming into the police station for the first time.  This project ensures that woman's rights are protected, cases are filed, and that the exploiter are rightfully prosecuted -- not the victim, thus breaking the cycle of corruption. 

Your Impact

As the winner of The G Project, this project was granted with a $25,000 development grant.  Funds were used to provide job training in the hospitality industry with a full-time English tutor for women survivors of trafficking.  These funds launched a new program where the survivors provide dumpling making classes with G Adventures' travellers and educate them on the issues women face in Nepal.  Funds were also used to provide technical expertise and resources to allow our ground-partners to scale their cultural exchange program, by making improvements to their kitchen, subsidizing outreach worker and paralegal salaries, and provide continuous training programs for women coming out of the sex industry.  The project will be completely run by survivors.  

Donations made to this program will go directly towards SASANE's most urgent needs -- supporting the paralegal program and expanding their hospitality training program to get more women involved.  

More Information

Shamrakshak Samuha Nepal (SASANE - meaning "Let's Protect Ourselves" in Nepali) is a non-profit organization committed to helping survivors and women trapped in the sex industry achieve their individual dreams, gain independence, and rebuild their self-esteem.  SASANE provides women with education, training, and personalized internships to guarantee future employment and thereby providing them with a stable income and significantly reducing the risk of being re-trafficked.  SASANE has provided paralegal training for over 190 women.  These women have assisted in filing over 3085 complaints and first information reports regarding women, and over 1085 complaints and first information reports regarding children.  SASANE has provided legal services in 389 court cases, and rescued over 211 women and girls from exploitive situations and abuse in 2012-13 alone.   

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